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CSM Ixa Belt & Ixa Riser Japan version

CSM Ixa Belt & Ixa Riser Japan version

39 800¥Prix
CSM Ixa Belt & Ixa Riser
brand new, 100% Japan version
pre-order, please contact us to confirm the release date

Premium Bandai exclusive, build to order item, limited numbers available, please place your order now to avoid disappointment.
Our products are 100% genuine item, item will be shipped from Tokyo via EMS international delivery, the fastest delivery service from Japan to worldwide, please purchase it with confidence.
Set content
Ixa belt x 1
Ixana Knuckle x 1
Caliber Essence x 1
Knuckle essle x 1
Powered Fruits x 1
Garuru Fake Hustle x 1
Basher Fake Fessle x 1
Dogga Fake Fessle x 1
Riser Fessle x 1
Huesslot x 2
Ixa Riser x 1
Instruction manual x 1
Product size
Ixa belt...H approx. 102 mm x W approx. 230 mm x D approx. 97 mm
(Girth size: about 74 cm to about 99 cm)
Ixana knuckle...H about 115 mm x W about 105 mm x D about 68 mm
Caliber Essence...H 84mm x W 34mm x D 34mm
Knuckle essle...H approx. 77 mm x W approx. 34 mm x D approx. 32 mm
Powered Hustle...H approx. 95 mm x W approx. 35 mm x D approx. 39 mm
Garuru Fake Hustle...H about 97mm x H about 38mm x D about 40mm
Basher Fake Fessle...H 88mm x H 37mm x D 36mm
Dogga Fake Hustle...H about 79 mm x H about 38 mm x D about 35 mm
Riser Festle...H 72mm x W 38mm x D 29mm
Huesslot...H about 124 mm x H about 73 mm x D about 41 mm
Ixa Riser...H 138 mm x W 242 mm x D 36 mm
Product material
Ixa belt body...ABS, PC, PVC, POM, nylon
Belt belt... ABS, PC, PVS, POM
Belt stopper... ABS/Nylon
Ixana Knuckle...ABS/PC
Each festival... ABS/PC
Fesslot... ABS/PC/Nylon
Ixa Riser... ABS, PC, synthetic rubber
LUNA PARK would like to thank you for your business in advance!
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