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ULTRA REPLICA Spark Lens 25th Anniversary ver. Japan version

ULTRA REPLICA Spark Lens 25th Anniversary ver. Japan version

ULTRA REPLICA Spark Lens 25th Anniversary ver.
brand new, 100% Japan version
in stock, ready to ship
Our products are 100% genuine, item will be shipped from Tokyo via EMS international delivery, the fastest delivery service from Japan to worldwide, please purchase it with confidence.
Description of item
This product has been redesigned based on the "Ultra Replica Spark Lens" released in 2016.
Compared to the previous work, some parts have been redesigned and the decoration and audio specifications have been remade to improve the reproducibility.
As for the appearance, the gold line of the wing part and the sculpture part have been reviewed. Part of the engraving part uses die casting. By improving the arrangement of the LEDs and the emission color, the emission closer to that in the play is realized.
In addition, the complex pattern of the grip part faithfully reproduces the prop by printing.
The audio specifications are equipped with three modes, MODE A "Inheriting Light", MODE B "Inheriting Shadow", and MODE C "Second Coming Light", according to the transformation sequence in the play.
In MODE A "Inheriting Light", you can thoroughly reproduce the transformation sequence of the main part of TV.
The motion sensor mounted on the main unit activates sound and light according to the pose. In addition, sound effects such as type change sounds and skill sounds are activated by button operation.
MODE B "Shadow Inheritance" contains the first ever transformation sound of Evil Tiga.
You can reproduce the birth of Evil Tiga, in which Masaki transforms with the sparkling that was stolen from the main character Daigo.
In MODE C "Second Coming Light", you can reproduce the sequence of Tiga who was active in the works after "Ultraman Dyna".
In addition, the main body contains all 9 BGM related to Ultraman Tiga.
You can enjoy playing as much as you can while playing BGM such as "Tiga!" And "Successor of Light" that were frequently played in the appearance scene of Tiga.
set content
Spark Lens x 1
Special pedestal x 1
Instruction manual x 1
Product size
Sparkling body: H approx. 210 mm x W approx. 68 mm x D approx. 50 mm (at convergence)
Special pedestal ... H approx. 110 mm x W approx. 60 mm x D approx. 120 mm
Product material
Sparklen body ... PC / ABS / ZnDC
Special pedestal ... ABS
Sparklen body ... LR44 x 3 (included)
LUNA PARK would like to thank you for your business in advance!
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